МАУиЯ - уроки английского по скайпу
Ольга Клим - учитель английского языка по скайпу

Опыт преподавания: 3 года.

I’ve been teaching English for 3 years, two of them online. Honestly speaking, despite that not being long term, I consider myself as a really good teacher. I’m now going to tell you why. In my opinion, a true teacher is a teacher who first of all loves languages and never stops learning themselves. Like a lot of my colleagues, I love languages, so when I’m not teaching my students, I’m studying or practicing them. I’ll probably always be a student of languages too. In my life I have learnt three languages, and each of them has its own story. The thing is, life never stands still. So as I’ve grown up, graduated from university and worked through various language courses, I’ve found that my preferences, motivation and plans have changed as well. I’ve been a very different kind of student myself over the years. Diligent, unserious, talented, lazy, determined. I’ve had some very different kinds of students as well. Motivated and unmotivated, organized and unorganized, slow-learning and fast-learning learners. Now this rich background helps me a lot in understanding my students’ psychology. I know all these “ups” and “downs” you are going to be face with and I definitely know how to deal with them ‘cause I’ve already overcome these difficulties myself. I also keep coming across new ones because I’m not yet as fluent in my other languages as I’m in English. To be perfectly candid, learning languages is a life long journey. It's really hard work and nothing about it comes easily. But I know how to make this journey pleasant, joyful and less painful. At work I only use methods that once helped me and will now help my students who do study English the way I recommend. This way isn’t always easy, but it’s always honest and truly leads to success. So if you want to take your English up to the next level, I’m ready to teach you everything I know about English and learning languages in general. Welcome to a demo lesson with me, where you will find out that learning languages can not only be hard work, but also great fun. It’s my privilege and it's my pleasure to serve as your English teacher sharing my knowledge and helping you and others to a wider world through international language.

Отзывы студентов

Неважно, в какой точке планеты вы живёте - у нас обучаются взрослые и дeти по всему миру.

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